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May 13, 2015

Dear Martis Camp Owner,

As you may recall, the Martis Camp Community Association (“MCCA”), informed you of The Retreat at Northstar request to the Placer County Board of Supervisors (“BoS”) to abandon Mill Site Road, which abuts our Schaffer Mill Road at the East Gate, as a public street. If the Board votes to abandon Mill Site Road, which we believe would be improper, the street would become private and Martis Camp residents would no longer be able to use the East Gate to access Northstar. The results of our member survey make clear that the membership as a whole is strongly opposed to the abandonment of Mill Site Road and the potential closure of access to Northstar.

Recently, the MCCA appointed Bill Beaty and Tom Bernthal to a Mill Site Road Committee to focus on the challenge. Bill, Tom, Mark Johnson and Ron Parr subsequently met twice with representatives of The Retreat to better understand their position as well as to communicate ours. The meetings were candid and informative, but have not yet produced a mutually acceptable resolution.

In addition, MCCA and DMB Highlands Group, LLC (DMB/H) have jointly retained Counsel to advise us in our efforts. Our counsel has submitted a letter to Placer County Counsel outlining the reasons we believe that the proposed abandonment would be unlawful. We have also requested that the BoS delay any further consideration of the proposed abandonment to allow more time for further discussions between MCCA and The Retreat.

We now believe the BoS may schedule a meeting to consider abandonment on June 2, 2015.  To ensure that our message is heard by the BoS, we are taking steps to organize our membership to voice its concerns to the Board.

First, we ask all members to endorse/sign a petition expressing opposition to the proposed abandonment of Mill Site Road.

Below is the online petition. Simply fill in your full name, email address and homesite number. If you own more than one homesite in Martis Camp, you may submit a petition for each site you own. Click “Submit” and your support of the petition will be electronically recorded and submitted to the MCCA for further submittal to the BoS.

Second, we would like our membership to write a personalized letter to the BoS addressing your concerns directly and to reinforce the strong conviction the we have a legal right to keep Mill Site Road public and open.

We ask that you follow the template provided (included below in full, and as an editable file) which was drafted based on all your input and on our knowledge of the special nuances of the debate. It is very important that all letters be respectful of the BoS and The Retreat, while at the same time firmly making our points.

The Template addresses the following:

• Identify yourself as an owner in Martis Camp and mention if you also own property in Northstar, rent a home in Northstar, or use lodging in Northstar. Joint Northstar and Martis ownership presents a unique position for East Gate access.

• Stress your firm belief that this is a public thoroughfare and the abandonment is neither fair nor legal

• The importance of direct access to Northstar Village for young children to attend ski school, or for other less skilled skiers who cannot safely ski down Lookout Mountain from the top of the Martis Camp Express lift.

• Your use of the other amenities at Northstar from dining, skating rink, movie theatre, biking, shopping and other special events, both summer and winter uses.

• Your use of the road avoids contributing to additional traffic on Hwy 267, Northstar Drive and the satellite parking lot congestion.

• You are committed to using Mill Site Road in a safe and responsible manner.

Please send a copy of your letter to all five (5) individual members of BoS and the others noted below:

Kirk Uhler, Chairman

Placer County Supervisor District 4

175 Fulweiler Ave.

Auburn, CA 95603

Jack Duran

Placer County Supervisor District 1

175 Fulweiler Ave.

Auburn, CA  95603

Robert Weygandt

Placer County Supervisor District 2

175 Fulweiler Ave.

Auburn, CA  95603

Jim Holmes

Placer County Supervisor District 3

175 Fulweiler Ave.

Auburn, CA 95603

Jennifer Montgomery

Placer County Board of Supervisors District 5

175 Fulweiler Ave.

Auburn, CA 95603

Ann Holman

Clerk of the Board of Supervisors

175 Fulweiler Ave.

Auburn, CA 95603

Stephanie Murphy (

Martis Camp Community Association

7951 Fleur Du Lac Drive

Truckee, CA 96161

Emails are also accepted and can be directed to for each Supervisor. However, we believe a hard copy letter will resonate with them much more strongly and we will also personally submit those to the Board.  Finally, it is very important to give us a copy of your letter for our records. Forward your letter to Stephanie Murphy at the email address or mailing address above.

Member Presentations

Lastly, we believe the BoS will meet on June 2nd in Auburn. We will confirm the meeting time and date as soon as we know.  Among limited formal presentations, we believe it would be beneficial for members to speak at the BoS hearing. If you would like to participate, please let us know so that we may begin a small education process in preparation for the hearing. We recognize that until the hearing is scheduled, there is no assurance that you will be available, but we would like to identify a core group that is willing to speak if possible.

It is particularly important that you act now as time is of the essence. Please indicate your support for the petition and send your letters/emails as soon as possible, but no later than May 22 to reinforce our strong desire to keep the East Gate open!

Your support is vital for our Community and the long term use of the East Gate for Northstar access. Speaking for the MCCA, we look forward to your participation.

For the Board,

Bill Beaty Signature

Bill Beaty, President

Martis Camp Community Association


Martis Camp Member Online Petition

Opposing the Proposed Abandonment of Mill Site Road

We, the undersigned, are members of the Martis Camp Community Association. As full-time and part-time residents of Placer County, and as taxpayers in the County, we appreciate the opportunity to communicate our strong and unified opposition to the proposal to abandon or vacate Mill Site Road, and request that the Board of Supervisors reject the proposal.

Since the dedication of this public road many years ago, we have had access to the Northstar facilities for the following necessary purposes:

• To transport to Northstar those members of our community who cannot safely ski down the expert slopes of Lookout Mountain to the Martis Camp Express lift, namely, young children attending the ski school in Northstar and less skilled skiers.

•  Mill Site Road is necessary to our use of the many commercial and recreational amenities at Northstar, including the restaurants, the skating rink, the movie theatre, the biking and hiking trails, the ski school, and the shops, as well as to our ability to attend the many special events .

The access to Mill Site Road provides a straightforward, safe, cost-efficient and quick route to Northstar, reducing the congestion and additional noise and environmental pollution inherent in the much longer drive involved in using Hwy 267.  There is no available alternate route between Martis Camp and Northstar that offers anywhere near the same access advantages. We realize the use of this route comes with certain obligations and responsibilities and we are dedicated to using the road in a safe and courteous manner.

For the above reasons, we strongly oppose the “privatization” of this public street, long irrevocably dedicated to the County as part of the development of the Retreat, for the benefit of less than a handful of property owners in the Retreat.

  • Accepted file types: jpg, gif, png.


Mill Site Road Template Letter

Dear Supervisor __________

I am a property owner at Martis Camp and Northstar (add or delete) and a registered voter in Placer County (add or delete). I understand that you and your fellow Board members are considering a request to abandon the public status of Mill Site Road. As a taxpayer in Placer County and a member of the public using Mill Site road today, I strongly disagree with that request.

I use Mill Site Road to………………….

Mill Site Road provides a convenient access to the Northstar facilities which I use with my family – (list as appropriate)………………………

Use of Mill Site Road reduces traffic congestion and environmental impact on Highway 267 and Northstar Drive.

I commit to using Mill Site Road in a safe and courteous manner and will agree to the protocol established to that end.

I understand that my  Martis Camp Community Association is willing to participate in cost sharing for maintenance, snow plowing and reserves and any other shared costs for the continued public use of Mill Site Road, along with implementing additional safety signage and procedures. I support this cooperative posture.

In summary, there is a legal right and a necessity for this road to remain as a public thoroughfare. Mill Site Road is a convenient and safe way to minimize traffic congestion, access Northstar Village and save time, fuel and air pollution in the Valley. Thank you for your consideration.


Click here to download the Mill Site Road Template Letter in .docx format.


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