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Martis Camp Gatehouse operations commenced July 20, 2008. We staff the Gatehouse 24-hours a day, seven days a week. Aside from manning the Gatehouse, we actively patrol the community to ensure the safety and security of the residents and visitors of Martis Camp.

Gatehouse staff experience ranges from law enforcement, private business management, military service and work within various trades. We have assembled a diverse staff who will provide you with the best possible service as a member or visitor of this community. If you have questions or need assistance please stop by the Gatehouse, call us at (530) 550-6100 or e-mail


Chris Hoschak
Martis Camp Director of Safety & Security
Office: (530) 550-6100   Analog: (530) 550-1444

Gatehouse staff actively patrol the community to assist those in need, ensure compliance with Martis Camp’s CC&Rs and complete House Watch/Alarm Monitoring checks. Our patrol vehicles are equipped with first-aid supplies including an Automated External Defibrillator (AED), jumper cables, tow strap (for inclement weather situations) and fire extinguishers. Most of the staff are trained in CPR and basic first-aid, with others in the process of being certified.

Martis Camp CC&R's

These rules and regulations, which cover all aspects of community membership, apply to everyone who lives, visits or works within the Martis Camp Community.

MCCA Rules & Regulations
Construction & Vendor Parking Pass Form

In order to provide our community with a safe and secure environment, cooperation with and notification to the Gatehouse staff is required. Two categories are defined for purposes of rule application and enforcement:

  1. “Owners”, guests and tenants
  2. “Owners” will be issued white mirror tags upon verification of status by Gatehouse staff. Additionally, owners may participate in the transponder program explained in more detail under Transponder Information.
  3. Expected guests or visitors must be pre-registered with Gatehouse staff prior to arrival at Martis Camp. Contact the Gatehouse at (530) 550-6100 or Guests will be given a “visitor’s pass” (for repeated visits) to place on their vehicle’s interior rear view mirror which should be displayed at all times while at Martis Camp.
  4. “All other persons” (contractors, subcontractors, workers, suppliers, services and delivery personnel, Golf Club or Community Association employees, etc.)
  5. “All other persons” will be issued a colored (changes yearly) mirror tag upon verification of status by Gatehouse staff. Sales staff will escort all clients on property.

Transponders are for Martis Camp owners and their family members. Transponders allow access into and out of Martis Camp through the owner gate.

A transponder is an electronic device about the size of a credit card that works in conjunction with the Gatehouse security access system. Upon approach to the Gatehouse, this device transmits a signal which automatically opens the owner gate and announces to the Gatehouse staff the name of the owner or family member for whom it was coded.

*NOTE: Upon approach, the car in front of you may not have a transponder; approach the gate slowly to ensure it does not descend before you have cleared it. Also, if a guest is following you through the Gatehouse please stop to inform the attendant who will hold the gate open.

Before affixing the transponder to the windshield, first test the desired location. The preferred location is adjacent to the pillar along the left side of the windshield. The alternate location is under the interior rear view mirror. Prior to placement on the windshield, please ensure the window is cleaned with the alcohol swab(s) provided, remove the paper insert if still placed inside the device, remove the film strip over the adhesive and firmly place the device on the windshield. If you do not wish to place the transponder on the windshield, simply hold the device horizontally against or outside the driver’s window as you approach.

Some issues may negatively affect transmission of the signal including low battery, location on the window or window material. Some windows of newer European vehicles prohibit frequency transmission. If this occurs, we will issue or order a transponder for the front of your license plate.

The Gatehouse staff can further explain these procedures or assist you with this process. We thank you for your participation in this program as we feel it enhances your experience at Martis Camp.

Transponder Authorization & Assignment Form
MCCA Low Speed Vehicle Agreement

The Association agrees to allow the Member to use a Low Speed Vehicle on only
the private roads within the Association Property, subject to the terms herein. Low Speed Vehicles may not be used anywhere else on the Association Property other than the private roads. By executing this Agreement, the Member, the Member’s family and/or guests, if any, who have access to the Low Speed Vehicle (“Authorized Licensee(s)”) agree to fully comply with the terms of this Agreement, the Operating Rule Concerning Operation of Low Speed
Vehicles on Martis Camp Community Association Property (the current version of which is attached hereto as Exhibit A and incorporated herein by reference), the Association’s rules and regulations pertaining to vehicles generally (e.g., parking in parking spaces, speed limit, driving on right side of road, etc.), and with such other rules and regulations established or amended by the Association from time to time, all of which are incorporated herein by reference. The
Member’s Low Speed Vehicle must be owned by the Member, or by a person who is part of the Member’s family residing with the Member. All operators of the Low Speed Vehicle must have a valid driver’s license.

This program offers homeowners the ability to have Gatehouse staff inspect both exterior and interior conditions while away from the residence. Some owners may not elect to provide a house key or security alarm information, in which case service is limited to an exterior check. The owner will be notified by phone and/or e-mail of the inspection and any problem discovered (water leak, broken window, damage, etc.).

  1. Interior and exterior home and property inspection
  2. Home water system security if a water leak has occurred (staff require detailed instructions from the homeowner or contractor on procedure)
  3. House Key Management – secure (Key Safe) storage of house keys for homeowner’s convenience. We can issue keys for visiting guests not accompanied by the homeowner, maintain a spare set for the residence, provide emergency response crews access if needed, etc. Rules for key access may be restrictive and require owner’s consent except for emergency situations when home access is required by response agencies.
  4. Vendor/repairman access into home while owner is not present using the house key or garage code provided by the owner. Gatehouse staff cannot stay with vendor/repairman until job is complete
  5. Prepare home for owner or guest arrival or after departure (by turning on/off heat, water or lights)
  6. Post home inspection after significant event caused by man or Mother Nature
  7. Owner notification of access and closure of the home by Gatehouse staff for vendors or guests

Please contact the Gatehouse at 530.550.6100 or to obtain a Martis Camp House Watch Program form.

House Watch Agreement
House Watch Questionnaire

This program offers residents 24-hour alarm monitoring by Gatehouse staff. Staff will respond upon any alarm notification. Our response efforts should not be construed as that of a law enforcement agency, but rather limited to observe and report only. Any action taken will be to assist local law enforcement and rescue crews only. For example, if an open door or window is observed during an alarm signal we will inform police of the condition and wait for their arrival on scene. Medical or fire alarm response will be more investigative in nature than a basic or burglar alarm; staff may enter the home to assist the homeowner or prevent a situation from becoming worse.

  1. 24-hour alarm monitoring by Gatehouse staff
  2. Immediate response to any home alarm by Gatehouse staff, and assistance to local response agencies in reporting real-time conditions prior to arrival
  3. Reset false alarms for homeowners not present (homeowners are sometimes charged for repeated false alarms by police/fire agencies)
  4. Schedule and perform alarm testing for homeowner, informing them of a successful test or if any break in service is discovered

Please contact the Gatehouse at 530.550.1444 or with any questions.

Alarm Monitoring Agreement
Alarm Monitoring Questionnaire


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