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2012—Upon Reflection

As 2012 draws to a close at Martis Camp, the temptation is to talk about another year of record sales, robust construction of showcase homes, the opening of new amenities like Lookout Lodge, and the like. Notwithstanding their relevance and importance, we believe the bigger story (especially in this holiday season) is the reason families continue to choose Martis Camp as the place to build their Tahoe legacies.
First and foremost, Martis Camp is a place that inspires families to embrace the things that matter most. It’s a place where folks can escape, decompress and reconnect. It’s an extraordinary place that makes it easy to create lasting memories because it’s so perfectly conducive to meaningful experiences.
In short, Martis Camp is an easily accessible Tahoe retreat designed for families to pursue the things that truly define them. It’s not just the level of golf, the access to skiing, the quality of programming or the wide array of things to do. It’s that all those things are in this one breathtaking place, and that they’re offered so thoughtfully, making it easy to set aside the urgent and embrace the important.
To say it a little differently, Martis Camp is a place where the most important things always carry the day, because as we all know so well, the important things are not really things at all—they’re the people who love us.
So as we reflect on 2012 in the midst of this festive season, our hope is that you’ll spend a little time up here at Martis Camp, where it’s a little easier to remember that “peace and goodwill” are not holiday clichés but year-round realities.