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Martis Camp Realty, Dominic Cristalli

All Business, All Pleasure. Dominic Cristalli: Property Coordinator, Martis Camp Realty

It was meant to be just one winter, no longer. That’s what Dominic Cristalli told himself in 2013 when he planned on moving to North Lake Tahoe after graduating from Western Washington University. The books and exams were behind him and a short stint to enjoy snowboarding and a winter in Tahoe before pursuing a career in finance seemed like the perfect life plan.

Winter came and winter went and Cristalli stayed, drawn to the adventures and enticements of the area, including places where he could boulder and board, bike and hike, find mountains to climb and coves to explore. The newness of Lake Tahoe had its grip on him and he continues to find solace and escape on trails and slopes, explaining why Cristalli counts “time spent among the trees is never wasted time” as one of his favorite quotes.

As it happened, Cristalli was drawn to an unexpected career opportunity as well. In 2014, Cristalli decided to put his finance degree to work and – through a recruiter – was hired by Martis Camp to fill in temporarily for an employee on maternity leave. Once again, that temporary stint became a long-time gig when Martis Camp Realty Broker/President Brian Hull liked what he saw in Cristalli and offered him a permanent position.

“Dominic is the Swiss army knife of our team, his intelligence and keen sense for applying data driven solutions to our business makes him successful with any task at hand,” said Hull. “A large part of our team’s production and efficiencies can be attributed to his expertise in all areas of our sales and marketing efforts.”“Work aside, what impresses me most about Dominic is his positive energy and happy demeanor. Weekly he has stories about amazing outdoor experiences he just took advantage of in Tahoe which I believe are a big contributing factor for the happiness in his life,” said Hull.

Over the past eight years, Cristalli’s skills and talents have grown as he’s worked his way up to Property Coordinator for Martis Camp Realty. A typical day at the office includes helping manage many of the transactions that take place. “When buyers and sellers have questions during the sales process, it’s my job to help them navigate that process and to provide them with answers quickly,” said Cristalli. “We’ve got deadlines to meet and I work to ensure that we’re on task in all aspects of the sales process,” he added.

Martis Camp Realty team members look to Cristalli and his energy and enthusiasm for other roles as well. He’s the unofficial tech guru for the agency, creates spreadsheets, analyzes data, organizes home tours, and even hops in to help Paul Hamill – Martis Camp Realty’s Creative Director – with any marketing initiatives that arise. An avid traveler who – together with his wife, Brittany, tries to experience one or two new countries each year, Cristalli credits Hamill’s tutelage for helping him become a proficient and creative photographer.

“Dominic is an invaluable partner in our marketing efforts,” mentioned Hamill. “He’s got talent, energy and curiosity balanced by an incredible, can-do attitude that he applies to creating 3-D virtual home tours, managing our mailing database, and taking on video and photography duties. On top of that, he’s just a great person – and that counts for a lot.”

While Cristalli’s skills have matured and his responsibilities have grown, he still manages to feed the adrenaline junky inside him. Rarely a day goes by where he hasn’t found time to be biking down a trail, hiking up a mountain, or belaying his way across a rock face. “The slogan I live by,” said Cristalli, is “live hard, play hard,” a mantra you can see in his actions and hear in his voice.

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