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Quilting at Martis Camp's Folk School

By Hand, By Heart

This week in the Art Loft, Folk School Instructor Nancy Hinds has been teaching quilting to students of all skill levels. Nancy has a long history with Martis Camp as one of our first Folk School instructors, and enjoys a dedicated following of students who have been sewing ever since she showed them how to place the first stitch. From pillow cases to baby blankets to beautifully designed quilts, Nancy inspires all of us at Martis Camp through the time and expertise she offers in teaching and creating handmade works of art.
Quilting at Martis Camp's Folk School
We asked Nancy (pictured above, second from left) a few questions about her career and her experience at Martis Camp.
How long have you been quilting and how did you get started?
I started quilting in 1980, shortly after my son was born. My mother had taken a quilting class – she is famous for never finishing anything, so she sent me the piece she had begun. I fell in love with the fabrics and hand stitching. The chaos of motherhood and the order of quilting went hand-in-hand for me. I don’t do much hand work anymore because I really enjoy stitching on the sewing machine.
What do you enjoy most about quilting?
As much as I love making quilts, I love meeting the people I teach … people from all over the country, in all walks of life.
The first quilting class at the Lost Library
When was your first class at Martis Camp, and what do you enjoy most about teaching here?
I taught my first quilting class at Martis Camp eight years ago in the Lost Library (pictured above). The Family Barn was still in the planning stages. All the furniture was removed and we set up tables … it was a bit crowded, but we had so much fun! Two of those first students are in the class this week! I love coming to Martis Camp because of the many friendships I have developed here, the gorgeous setting, and last but not least, the good food.
What quilting projects are you working on when you’re not teaching?
I am constantly working on developing new class material. When I have time, I create art quilts – no pattern, just pure whimsy and color.
Quilting project by Nancy Hinds
Do you have a favorite piece or quilt you’ve created during your career?
My favorite quilt changes frequently. About 15 years ago I made a quilt that I titled “Far and Away” because I thought it was far and away my best piece. I have come to realize that my best work is usually the newest one! That said, I just finished a piece (pictured above) that incorporates a drawing my husband did of a shrimp boat. I used hand-dyed fabric from Germany that was so inspiring. I am very proud of that piece. I brought it to Martis Camp with me this week and have had many compliments on it.
Thank you, Nancy, for sharing your love of sewing and quilting with Martis Camp. Our world is more beautiful through the fiber art you inspire and create.

Quilting at Martis Camp's Folk School