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Father's Day at Martis Camp

Thoughts on Father’s Day

With Father’s Day coming up on Sunday, we asked our ambassadors to share some thoughts about their dads. Our ambassadors replied with heartfelt sentiments – from childhood memories to words of advice to lasting impressions about raising a family.
Time together was a common theme among the thoughts our ambassadors shared:
It is hard to remember one sporting event or life event that my dad was not a part of when I was growing up. He was always there with a positive attitude and he was fully engaged in the moment. This was very different from how he was raised but when he became a dad he placed the highest value on quality time with his family and I think that is one of the greatest lessons he could have taught me. Now that I am a father I hope that my son will look back when he is an adult and say that I was always present, too.
–Jeff Hull, Martis Camp Realty
When I remember my dad I’m grateful for the time he spent teaching me how to fix things. The time spent in the garage working on my car or fixing things around the house. He was the kind of man who would rather spend hours in that garage making a new part for some thing-a-ma-bob than going down to the hardware store and buying the part for a couple bucks. I think he fixed just about every kid’s bike within a 10-mile radius of our house. My dad – a great man, loving dad, patient teacher with a sharp sense of humor. I miss him.
–Paul Hamill, Martis Camp Realty Marketing/Creative Director
Being a good, responsible role model was another theme shared by our ambassadors:
When I think of my role as a father I hope some of the things our daughter considers appropriate are a result of thoughts I’ve shared with her. If I do half as well as her dad as mine did for me, I’ll feel very proud.
–Gus Jones, General Manager
Fatherhood is what makes us what we are. I would love to work 30 hours a week getting what I need to just take care of myself. Instead, I have these little humans running around who look to me for guidance, discipline, education, clothes, food, etc. I now understand what my father would always tell me after I asked him why he was working so late. “Someday when you have your own family, you will understand.” I now understand.
–Matthew Merrill, Food & Beverage Director
For some ambassadors, the words and ways of their fathers have made the biggest impressions:
When I think of my dad on Father’s Day, I think of the lessons he shared with intention and those he shared without necessarily meaning to. Many things and many people have shaped me but few more emphatically than my dad. I miss him.
–Gus Jones, General Manager
I’ve always admired my dad’s capacity to enjoy life. Whether he’s barbecuing, building a deck, hiking up a mountain or traveling through a foreign country … he finds joy in everything he does, and shares it with everyone around him. I’m so grateful for him and how he has influenced me in creating my life.
–Kelly Heapy, Club Creative Director
After I broke up with my college boyfriend, my dad gave me this amazing advice: “Boyfriends will come and go, but cats are forever. No shame in getting a few more to keep you company.”
–Jayce Coziar, Director of Concierge & Communications
We hope to see you around The Camp this weekend enjoying quality time with your family. The Tahoe Two Member-Member, our first golf competition of the summer, teed off this morning and plays through tomorrow afternoon. Saturday, our Summer Kickoff Pool Party begins at 10:00 a.m. at the Family Barn. Tower of Power starts our Summer Concert Series on Saturday at 7:00 p.m. at the Family Barn amphitheater. If dad just needs a little rest and relaxation this weekend, treat him to a massage at the Spa where a Father’s Day discount applies on Sunday.
To all the dads out there, Happy Father’s Day!