Hole 15


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Par 5 | Medal – 569 | Championship – 538

What to know:

The cross-bunkers make this tee shot visually intimidating but the heavily contoured fairway makes a tee shot wide and right of the bunkers the safe play. A shot that hugs the bunkers on the left may crest the hill and take advantage of the downhill slope, allowing the player to go for the green in two. If the pin is in the front, the further you can get up this hole on the right side the better. If the pin is in the back right, you may choose to lay up short and in line with the bunker on the left. If you are going for this green in two, it is not necessary to go straight at the green. Aim at the tree just right of the green and let the fairway contour feed the ball to the left. Being on the correct level of this three tiered green is a big plus.

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