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Martis Camp: An Enduring Solution

Native Californians will find it no surprise that USA Today recently named Lake Tahoe America’s Best Lake. The enduring allure of Tahoe continues to stand the test of time, transcending resort fads for 120 years.
Since the late 1880‘s (when Robert Watson opened Tahoe Tavern) Bay Area residents have been consistently drawn to the year-round wonders of the High Sierra—creating a rich history of family retreats and vacation legacies. The most basic reasons for Tahoe’s unwavering pull are obvious: unrivaled natural beauty, sense of escape, and ease of access.
With Tahoe as the answer to the basic destination question, families face a second layer of challenges up here: Where can we find privacy without sacrificing fun things to do? Where can we find four-season activities in one location? Where will our kids be just as happy as we are? Where can we enjoy skiing and golf? Can we truly find convenience without crowds? And—perhaps most importantly—can we consistently have experiences that will define our family, be passed down through the generations?
For all of its remarkable and enduring traits, Tahoe has historically demanded a trade-off for families asking these kinds of questions. Historically, choices had to be made between convenience and privacy, summer and winter, golf and skiing, ease of access and ease of use and so on.
While much of the country scratches its head at Martis Camp’s unprecedented success, families with a lifelong love of Tahoe instantly understand its magic. In a word, Martis Camp is Tahoe’s first private community that demands no trade-off’s….a place that affords the best of all worlds.
Nowhere else in Tahoe can families have private ski access, Fazio golf, virtually endless family recreation, over 20 miles of trails, forests, creeks and inspiring landscape —all inside the gates of 2,100-pristine acres. Nowhere else are all the wonders of Tahoe are found in one quintessential community.
In a word, Martis Camp allows allows families to have their cake and eat it too—for the first time in 120 years. That’s why its success is historical and that’s why every day, more and more families are rewriting their own history in a Tahoe community that’s as fun as it is scarce—Martis Camp.