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Martis Camp Love

Martis Camp in February

LOVE is a verb. It’s being present and impulsive and knowing that, by finding pleasure in the smallest of moments, we can create the greatest of times.
It’s February at The Camp, a lovely time to be here.
It’s the shortest month. Yet when observed more closely, February may well be the year’s biggest month. Skiing is prime. Friends gather for the mother of all football games. There’s a full moon in the wintry forest, a three-day weekend, snowmen to be made, a Family Barn where families play and learn, and a Valentine dinner at a candlelit table in a lodge unlike any other.
Find yourself in that February they’ll talk about for years to come, the one laced in white with blue-sky days and fireplace evenings in rarefied homes.
If you call Martis Camp home, then heed its February call. If it’s not home, then call us to set up a visit to see how life here can make this month — and every ensuing one — anything but average.
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