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Martis Camp: Possibly The Best Four-Season Private Community In The U.S. – Forbes Magazine

It’s been said that credibility is the currency of relationships, and it’s most certainly a factor in choosing a second home community.
That’s why we’re so honored that two of the most credible publications of our time have used their good name to rank Martis Camp at the top of their list.
Barron’s was first to extoll the virtues of this 2,177 acre private community, naming it the best place to own a second home in Tahoe.
Now Forbes has recognized Martis Camp as not only the best community in Tahoe, but “Possibly the Best Four Season Private Community in The U.S.”
After enumerating our unique amenity mix, excellence in programming, and the like, Forbes elaborated on the reasons Martis Camp is distinguished among other second home communities nationwide:

“…..because of its location, weather and quality, Martis Camp has succeeded where so many of its peers have failed in recent years, and it sold more than $100 million in property during the first half of this year alone, including 77 custom lots (less than 185 of the club’s 663 home sites remain unsold). Because of its year-round charms and summer and winter facilities, houses here can do double duty and substitute for a second home at a ski resort or golf course elsewhere.

As honored as we are that a publication as venerable as Forbes thinks Martis Camp is the best in the U.S.—we’re even more honored that 500 amazing families have chosen to build their dreams up here.
With some incredible property offerings still available, it’s our hope that even more families (read: yours) will choose to write your story at Martis Camp. As the folks at Haute Living said, up here you’ll truly find “the air the angels breath.”