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Martis Camp Realty Spring Market Report

Martis Camp Realty – 6 New Sales

Announcing one of our hottest Springs ever. Six more properties contracted in one week.
The Martis Camp Realty team contracted six more properties – four custom homes and two homesites. All this in a season that’s typically on the quieter side. Why the spike in activity? Summer’s approaching and buyers are ready to get in on Lake Tahoe’s ultimate lifestyle. This recent activity brings our 2016 sales totals (either contracted or closed) to:
•    20 custom homes for $95,467,000
•    25 homesites for $31,193,000
    •    Total of 45 properties for $126,660,000
Homesite Sales Sales Statistics
Only 48 homesites remain for sale (includes both developer and resale offerings).  This is a very limited supply as compared to the sales of homesites over the past 5 years:
Yearly Homesite closings at Marts Camp since 2012
•    2015 – 89
•    2014 – 98
•    2013 – 91
•    2012 – 108
•    2011 – 93
Average of 95 homesite sales per year over the last 5 years
Custom Home Sales Statistics
•          20 homes either closed or contracted since January 1, 2016
◦     From $2,900,000 – $8,900,000
•          7 cabin homes currently for sale
◦     From $3,195,000 – $4,195,000
•          22 Estate Homes currently for sale
◦    From $2,495,000 – $7,795,000
(Above excludes escrow/pending sales)
With over 400 homes either completed or under construction, we’ve seen an increase in demand for Martis Camp. Owners are bringing friends and family to enjoy the amazing lifestyle at subsequently many of those guests are considering their own property ownership at Martis Camp. The realities of higher demand and decreased inventory have created a shrinking window of opportunity that’s further fueling a to purchase.
Please call 800-721-9005 or email us today to setup your private tour with Martis Camp Realty.