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Martis Camp Powder Days

Meet our latest resident: Old Man Winter.

In this winter of on-again, off-again storms, we’re proud to announce that winter is once again on. In a big way.
Last weekend, Marits Camp and North Lake Tahoe took a direct hit of pure white bliss. In fact, accumulations totaled over 18 inches, sending snowplows scurrying, skiers scrambling and chairlifts — like the spirits of everyone within shouting distance — soaring. Adding to the snowpack and making matters even better is the immediate forecast: five days of blue skies and gradual warming. In other words, prime time spring skiing.
If all this sounds like an overture to visit Martis Camp, you’d be right, especially considering that sales have been impressive (28 homesites and eight homes sold in the last 60 days) and the portfolio of homesite offerings is dwindling.
All you need to bring are your skis, your clothes, your family and your passion for making the most of winter, as well as life. Please call us at 1-800-721-9005 to set up your personal tour of Martis Camp.