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Proud To Support Local Students

The MCCF believes quality education is the best investment in life, for ourselves and for our children. The MCCF offers numerous annual scholarships to support local students and Martis Camp Ambassadors in achieving their education goals. These scholarships are awarded by MCCF Board members serving on the Scholarship Committee and include the Denise Martinez Scholarship, MCCF Scholarships and Martis Camp Ambassador Scholarships for eligible Martis Camp employees and their children. Read on for more information about funding, awards, recent recipients and guidelines for applying.

Denise Martinez Scholarship

The Denise Martinez Scholarship provides assistance for deserving youth who will be pursuing post-secondary education at an accredited school. The award is based on merit and need.

Funds are raised primarily at The Martinez Member-Ambassador golf tournament. Additional funds may be raised from other activities held at Martis Camp.

$10,000 award, to be paid $2,500 annually for up to four years. If funds allow, $500-$1,000 awards may be made to individuals on an annual basis.

The committee meets annually in May to determine the recipient for the upcoming school year. Applications are screened by the Truckee Tahoe Community Scholarship Committee which recommends qualified students for MCCF review.

2018: Sophia Curtis

Sophia grew up in a Truckee family involved in food services management and worked alongside them. She also worked at the Martis Camp Family Barn as a camp counselor, where she earned a reputation as an exceptional leader as well as being reliable and skilled. Another very strong student with a high GPA, Sophia excelled in soccer and track and field in high school and was vice president of her senior class. She also spent many hours volunteering at KidZone Museum in Truckee. She is very creative with an interest in art and psychology, and is described as uncommonly kind, intelligent, collaborative and mature. She will attend Loyola Marymount in the fall.

sophia curtis

2018: Jacob Inclan

Jacob grew up in Tahoma and graduated from North Tahoe High. He is a three-varsity-sport athlete — golf, Nordic skiing and cross country running (captain), as well as a committed jazz band musician. While maintaining a high GPA, he worked as a junior ski instructor at the Squaw Kids ski school, whose director considered him one of the best junior instructors they ever hired and “wise beyond his years.” He credits hard work and influential people like his golf, cross country and Nordic coaches who helped shape his behaviors and goals. He’ll attend San Diego State to study mechanical engineering in the fall.

jacob inclan

2017: Amanda Rae

The MCCF proudly awarded the 2017 Denise Martinez Scholarship to Truckee High School graduate Amanda Rae. Amanda is an impressive young woman, running cross country and track during high school while maintaining a weighted 4.2 GPA. Her coach says, “She is the athlete and friend supporting others when they are down, bringing up the team spirit when morale is low, and always turning a negative into a positive.” Amanda will attend University of California, Davis where she will pursue a degree in veterinary medicine.

2016: Karina Nuñez

The MCCF proudly awarded the 2016 Denise Martinez Scholarship to Truckee High School graduate Karina Nuñez. Karina achieved a 4.29 GPA, ranked 10th in her class, and played varsity basketball, softball and volleyball. In her free time, she founded a non-profit organization that fosters relationships between youth and elders in the Tahoe community. Karina will attend UC Berkeley in the fall, focusing on social justice and advocacy with the goal of attending law school. MCCF Board Member Nicole Bailey adds, “Karina is even more impressive in person – and her parents are SO proud!” Martis Camp and the MCCF wish Karina the best of luck in pursuing her dreams.

Previous Recipients:

2015: Phoebe Rogers
2014: Taylor Pugh
2013: Amanda Stewart
2012: Savannah Graham

  • Applicant must be a high school senior enrolled as a full-time student in an accredited school in the Tahoe Truckee Unified School District (TTUSD).
  • Applicant must have a minimum GPA of 3.0,and plan on attending school in the fall of the year the scholarship is awarded.
  • Applicant’s family household income will be considered, and tax returns must be provided upon request.
  • Extra-curricular activities should be noted, and up to three letters of recommendations from teachers, coaches, employers, etc., will be considered.
  • Applicants must embody the ideals and qualities of Denise Martinez: hard work, fair play, kindness and integrity.
  • Preference may be given to students who are employees or caddies of Martis Camp, or whose parents are employees of Martis Camp.
  • Preference may also be given to students who play golf on a team or as a pastime. (Preference will be considered after merit and need are assessed and weighed against other applicants.)

For more information about Denise Martinez Scholarships, email

Martis Camp Community Foundation Scholarships

Martis Camp Community Foundation Scholarships are valued at $7,500-$15,000 annually for a total of $30,000-$60,000. They are awarded to local high school students based on academics, financial need, extracurricular activities and likelihood to make a difference in the world.

Provided by the Martis Camp Community Foundation.

$7,500-$15,000 annually for a total of $30,000-$60,000.

The committee meets annually in May to determine the recipient for the upcoming school year. Applications are screened by the Truckee Tahoe Community Scholarship Committee which recommends qualified students for MCCF review.

2018: Mitzi Ayala

Mitzi overcame childhood trauma and an education split between Mexico and Truckee to earn a 4.02 weighted grade-point-average and score high on her SATs. A visionary teacher at Truckee High (Craig Rowe) recognized her potential in the ninth grade and drafted her into the mentoring program he created, called La Fuerza Latina. This mentoring program, also supported by a grant from MCCF, helps Latino students develop academic, community service and leadership skills necessary to get them into top colleges. While helping her mother clean houses to help support her family, Mitzi gave snowboarding lessons to disadvantaged children, participated in the Yale YoungGlobal Scholars program last summer, organized “Meet the Mayor” in Truckee, and took college courses at Sierra College. Mitzi is truly driven, intellectually curious and resilient, as well as a very giving person. She will be attending UC Berkeley in the fall to major in Pre-Med.

mitzi ayala

2018: Abraham Gonzales

Abraham started his life in Truckee but moved back to Mexico with his family for middle school when the economic recession hit in 2008. This experience inspired him study ways to give everyone a fair opportunity to succeed, whether they are from a big city in the US or a small town in Mexico. Since returning and attending Truckee High, Abraham excelled in academics and his SATs. He participated in the Model UN, played varsity soccer, was a member of the Robotics team and volunteered at the Family Resource Center. To earn money for college and help his family, he worked with his father (a construction laborer) learning some engineering skills in the process, shoveled snow, and had a summer internship with Aztec Building and Design. Abraham will attend USC in the fall and major in engineering. He has great attitude, leadership and passion.

abraham gonzales
  • Applicants must be a student from Truckee/North Tahoe high schools.
    Minimum GPA of 3.6.
  • Applicants must have demonstrated leadership, be involved in the community and have extra-curricular activities.
  • Applicant’s family household income will be taken into consideration.
  • In addition to the personal essay already submitted, the applicant must provide an essay on how they think they can make a difference in the world.
  • The scholarship will depend upon the college/university attended. For a California State University (Chico, Sacramento, etc.) they will receive a $30,000 scholarship over four years ($7,500 per year). For a University of California (Cal, Davis, etc.) or one of the top 50 colleges/universities, as ranked by U. S. News and World Reports, they will receive up to $60,000 (not to exceed tuition, room & board) over four years ($15,000 per year).
  • Candidates must submit all financial offers previously received.
  • Scholarships will be granted based upon overall financial aid already granted.
  • There is no obligation to award funds if suitable candidates are not found.

For more information about Martis Camp Community Foundation Scholarships, email

Martis Camp Ambassador Scholarships

Martis Camp Ambassador Scholarships provide continuing education, trade school and college tuition assistance to eligible Martis Camp Ambassadors. In addition, they provide Pre-K through 12th grade and college tuition assistance and tutoring awards to eligible dependents of Ambassadors.

Provided by the Martis Camp Community Foundation.

Up to $3,500 the first year, limited to a lifetime maximum of $15,000.

Applications and information are available to all Ambassadors throughout the calendar year. Applications are accepted quarterly with deadlines on March 1, June 1, September 1 and December 1. Applicants are notified within one month of the deadline for the quarter in which they have applied.

martis camp ambassador scholarships

Ryan Phillips (right) is a valued employee of the Security team and an Afghanistan vet who seeks to earn a college degree to further his career. He’ll be attending Sierra Meadows Community College and believes that finishing school with the help of this scholarship is the key to his success.

Gelber Malo (second from right) of Food & Beverage for his son, Alex, attending BYU Idaho for Fall, 2018 – Spring, 2019. Gelber works in the Camp Lodge kitchen and Alex has worked alongside his father. Alex will be the first member of his family to earn a college degree and is majoring in business.

Jeff & Joan Sarlo (left) of Golf for their daughter Marie attending UNR for the academic year Fall, 2018 – Spring 2019. Marie will be in her senior year and will use her scholarship to continue exploring her love of creative writing.

Cindy Rodriguez (not pictured), Ladies Locker Room attendant, for continuing education at Sierra College.

Kelly Turner (center) of Architecture Review for her daughter Charlotte attending Discovery Pre-School. The Pre-school is doing a tremendous job nurturing Charlotte’s self-expression and love for learning.

Rhett Kopp (third from left) of Outside Services for his son Reo’s attendance at Tahoe Expedition Academy (TEA). Rhett is seeking his PGA credential and relying on seasonal employment. The scholarship will help keep Reo enrolled in the program in which he is flourishing at TEA.

  • Courses eligible for Martis Camp job-related educational assistance are not supported.
  • We do not provide support for travel expenses, daycare, extracurricular activities, sports programs, etc.
  • Ambassadors earning more than a combined household annual gross income of $150,000 are not eligible. Annual gross income is defined as the total of all forms of gross income, prior to deductions, including pre-tax adjustments or deductions, contributions to retirement accounts or cafeteria plans, i.e., social security wages per W-2 form, and includes any self-employment or rental property income.
  • Awards are based on financial need (tuition costs, income, size of household or individual circumstances).
  • For 7th-12th grade students, academic standing, outstanding achievement and community service are also taken into consideration.
  • Candidates must be strongly committed and have in place a well thought-out educational vision (for their dependents if they are applying for funds for them) and complete their goals in a timely manner.
  • College scholarships are available to those who are not eligible for the Denise Martinez Scholarship.
  • Applications and information available to all Ambassadors in early February.
  • Applications and information are available to all Ambassadors throughout the calendar year.
  • Applications are accepted quarterly with deadlines on March 1, June 1, September 1 and December 1.
  • Applications may be submitted in English or Spanish.
  • Submit applications either by PDF to or by hard copy to the Camp Concierge at the Camp Lodge, in a sealed envelope addressed to MCCF Ambassador Scholarship Committee.
  • Applicants are notified within one month of the deadline for the quarter in which they have applied.
  • If an urgent need for a child’s tutoring or a continuing education course arises outside the normal, quarterly application deadlines, email to inquire if an out-of-cycle application could be considered and explain why it is urgent.
  • The Scholarship Committee will thoroughly review all applications and make recommendations based on need, personal statement, and academic goals.
  • Applications for continuing education and tutoring under $1,000 will be considered throughout the year, if funds are available.
  • For college scholarships students will be required to maintain a 3.0 GPA and submit a letter to the MCCF Board at the end of each school year with description of the most incredible thing they learned that year, as well as the most difficult thing they have had to overcome. Proof of enrollment is also required.
  • Awards payable directly to educational institution or reimbursed to Ambassador upon evidence of successful completion and official tuition statements. Awards do not cover afterschool care, extracurricular activities, supplies or transportation costs.

For more information about Martis Camp Ambassador Scholarships, contact

Scholarship Recipients

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