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Surf Air Truckee CA

Surf Air comes to Truckee

Excellence comes in many forms, but one of its greatest may be convenience. At Martis Camp, we continually strive to help our members simplify life a little—creating margin so they can have time for the things (and the people) that matter most.
One example of this commitment is our recent announcement of a great new resource with Surf Air, who has now begun daily flights from the Bay Area to Truckee, providing another convienient option for our members to access Martis Camp.
With this innovative service, escaping to Martis Camp will not require a second thought, saving your time and expanding your opportunities.
Surf Air is a private, all-you-can-fly airline servicing the Bay Area. For a monthly fee of $1,599, Surf Air members can fly as often as they wish on 7 seater Pilatus planes between Los Angeles, San Francisco, Santa Barbara and now Truckee/Tahoe—making it an easy solution for avoiding commercial airlines. Simply show up 15 minutes before take off at SurfAir’s private terminals, and be on your way to Martis Camp, where there’s breathing room for the soul.
We hope you’ll soon take advantage of this phenomenal offering, so you can get to Martis Camp on a moment’s notice, because every day in Tahoe, is a day well lived.
For more details on this program, please contact SurfAir directly at 888.704.2582 or email them at
Disclaimer: Martis Camp is providing this blog as informational only and has no affiliation or partnership with Surf Air.