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Martis Camp Art Loft

The History of Martis Camp

For generations, Lake Tahoe has been a beloved vacation destination of many. Its breathtaking alpine scenery, year-round recreation and active outdoor lifestyle have contributed to its enduring appeal. Lake Tahoe’s historic character and small-town charm remain, conjuring nostalgic memories of days gone by. Many visitors arrive on vacation and depart with the dream of returning someday to their very own Lake Tahoe retreat.
Highlands Management Group and DMB Associates Inc. collaborated to create a club and community where the dream of owning a special mountain retreat was possible. They envisioned a place where families would gather for generations, creating a legacy of shared memories; a place where the pace of life would slow and family bonds would strengthen; a place in harmony with nature where family life would flourish.
Born from this vision, Martis Camp Club opened in 2006, offering outdoor recreation, world-class amenities and the ultimate place to build a family legacy in North Lake Tahoe.

Just seven years after opening, we’re proud to have hosted the USGA U.S. Junior Amateur Championship. It is a wonderful chapter in our short but dynamic history. The journey to get here has required dedication, hard work and the support of our members who have chosen Martis Camp as the place to raise their families as they live the lives they’ve always dreamed of.
Martis Camp’s golf course was one of the first amenities completed at the club. Designed by world-renowned golf course architect Tom Fazio, it opened for play in 2008. Martis Camp’s commitment to environmental stewardship is and has been evident throughout the life of the course. The course was established with specific varieties of Kentucky Bluegrass sod which reduce water use and soil erosion. Water applied to the course runs through a state-of-the-art, computerized irrigation system with 3,000 individually controlled sprinkler heads.

Debris from the course (pine cones, branches and grass clippings) is continually sent out, composted and returned to the course in a recycling process created to maintain use of materials that are native to our location. “Farming” the course using sustainable agricultural principles creates a healthy and resilient golf course.
Martis Camp’s commitment to environmental stewardship applies not only to our golf course, but our amenity buildings as well. In 2008, the Lost Library opened and remains a favorite place of many of our residents. At just 1,000 square feet, it is LEED-certified with solar power, eco-friendly features and a wonderful collection of books. In 2009, the Family Barn opened – also LEED-certified with a soda fountain, bowling alley, basketball court, movie theater, outdoor pool and amphitheater. Bright red and iconic, it is the heart of our community and the location of many family gatherings. The Camp Lodge, at the edge of a rocky bluff overlooking the 18th fairway, opened in 2011 with a grand celebration and bagpipers on the green. Our golf shop, locker rooms, fitness center, spa and fine dining are located in this LEED-certified clubhouse. Tapping into what winter has to offer, Martis Camp opened Lookout Lodge in 2012 at the base of Lookout Mountain. Club members enjoy dining, equipment storage and private access to Northstar California and the Martis Camp Express ski lift.

As our community has grown, so has the Martis Camp Community Foundation. MCCF fundraising efforts have benefitted numerous organizations in the North Lake Tahoe area, as well as several student golfers who have received the Denise Martinez Memorial Scholarship. Through the MCCF, Martis Camp Club hosted the 45th Pacific Coast Amateur Championship in 2011. Our involvement in this event provided invaluable experience toward hosting this year’s U.S. Junior Amateur Championship. The support of our community, many of whom are golfers, has been overwhelming. Their love of golf and interest in the future of today’s young players is fundamental to our success as a host club.
With so much to offer and the added appeal of North Lake Tahoe, many families from around the region and the nation have chosen Martis Camp as the place to build their legacy homes. Show up at any summer concert or club activity and it’s clear – generations of families and friends are spending quality time together, creating memories that will last a lifetime. The vision of Martis Camp has truly become a reality.

With a lot of work behind us, we continue to strive for excellence knowing we’re writing our history every day. As our community continues to grow, our commitment to making Martis Camp a special place will always remain the same. From environmental stewardship to the unique family amenities we offer to the genuine smile you see when you arrive at the Gatehouse, we believe in what we do and we love where we live. We are grateful and proud to welcome you to our club.