Aerial Adventure Park


Aerial Adventure Park
Aerial Adventure Park

Just when you thought all things amazingly Martis Camp are right beneath your feet, we’ve created something a bit loftier: our Aerial Adventure Park. This summer, see Camp from a bird’s perspective, without enduring the awkwardness of growing wings and feathers. With four different courses you can gradually spread your wings from beginner to advanced, eventually kissing your fear of heights goodbye as you zip 20-feet above the forest floor. There’s even a “terra firma” course for kids 4 and under.

The Aerial Adventure Park is now CLOSED for the season. Thanks for a wonderful summer and we will see you next year!

Everyone starts on the passive course and works their way up to black.
PASSIVE COURSE: an easy course on the ground, open daily requiring no supervision or prior experience.
GREEN COURSE: a beginner course, several feet above ground, for developing basic skills and experience. This course requires a helmet and harness.
BLUE COURSE: an intermediate course, requiring a helmet, harness and supervision to test your skills 10-15 feet above ground.
BLACK COURSE: an advanced course to test not only your skills, but your love or fear of heights while zipping through the forest 15-20 feet above the ground. This course requires a helmet and harness.

Waivers must be dated and turned in the DAY OF the session at Lookout Lodge. Members may sign waivers for child guests however we recommend contacting Concierge for a PDF version of the waiver to be emailed to the actual parents of guests to be brought with them to Martis Camp. Multiple children from the same family may all be on one waiver. A new waiver must be filled out for each new session anyone participates in.

Please arrive 20 minutes before your session to check in.

Guardians for children 17 and under need to remain at Lookout Lodge for entirety of the session.

Ages 5 and over only for green, blue and black courses. Children 4 and under may use passive course with parental supervision.

260 lb maximum weight limit

Signed Release Waiver & Reservations Required


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"From the design of the community Gatehouse to the Family Barn, Martis Camp is a big family place offering a National Park-like experience. I looked all over the country, coast-to-coast, for the ultimate family community. Martis Camp is exactly what I was looking for. We were looking for a vacation home where everyone in our family could bike, ski and hike."

– Dean, San Francisco

"I thought, ‘No one’s going to be doing this, are we crazy?’ But still it seemed to be the right time to us. We wanted to set up that kind of vacation property where we could enjoy family time. Prices for contractors are lower than a few years ago. It makes things much more doable."

– Scott and Lori, Bay Area

"We have felt for quite some time that Martis Camp was the perfect fit for our family’s Tahoe home. While we were waiting and waiting for the right time to buy, it dawned on us that what we were missing meaningful time with our family. Virtually everything we need for our family to have a great life in Tahoe is in place today at Martis Camp. There was never going to be a better time than now."

– Mike and Joanne, San Jose

"Wow. My wife Jen and I spent our first day as members visiting the Lodge with a couple of friends and what a great experience! Of course the facilities are amazing but the graciousness, service, enthusiasm, sense of humor and pride shown to us by the staff was what left us most impressed and looking forward to coming back. Thanks to Paolo, Steve, Jesse, Matt and everyone else at the Lodge for making our first day very memorable!"

– Peter and Jen, Bay Area