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Life at Martis Camp, Truckee, Ca

The Camp Lodge sits on a throne of rock, an outcropping with views that complement the fine dining within. This is the centerpiece of The Camp, alive with golfers coming and going, swimmers at the lap pool, and those in search of a massage or a workout.
“The Camp Lodge was the first building to finds its place in Martis Camp. The design team felt it needed a place of stature that complemented and captured the aura of the High Sierra. Grand and stately the Camp Lodge looks back in time as much as forward, with views that are perched on the edge of infinity. A community living room like no other.”  –  John E. Sather, AIA, AICP – Architect
Martis Camp Family Barn
With a pool, bowling alley, art loft, indoor basketball court and amphitheater for summer concerts, fun can spontaneously combust at any time here. That’s why families gravitate to the big red barn at the heart of The Camp.
“The Family Barn is perhaps the essence of the community that is Martis Camp. I always felt it defined the word “camp”. A great gathering place. A place to make memories. A place where time passes differently. A place for all ages. A place that just makes you smile.” –  John E. Sather, AIA, AICP – Architect
Martis Camp Tom Fazio Golf
Weaving its way between forests, sun-drenched meadows and the clear alpine Martis Creek, the course Tom Fazio laid out here is the stuff of legends. It’s won a variety of awards but more importantly has become what Tom Fazio himself calls “as good as any course I’ve ever designed.”
“Needless to say, Tom Fazio has designed some pretty amazing courses in his career, but after playing the Martis Camp course, I think this is without a doubt the best Fazio course that I’ve ever played.”  –  Lee Janzen – two-time U.S. Open Champion
Martis Camp Ski Lodge
Pajamas and coffee to powder and corduroy in minutes flat, that’s the beauty of having direct, private ski access to Northstar California™, a premier Tahoe ski resort. After slicing through fresh powder or making turns on freshly groomed trails, return to Lookout Lodge where you can enjoy breakfast, lunch and a vibrant Après-ski scene. And when summer rolls around, all things amazingly Martis Camp are right beneath your feet at our Aerial Adventure Park. With four different courses you can gradually spread your wings from beginner to advanced, eventually kissing your fear of heights goodbye as you zip high above the forest floor.
“It was an honor to assist architect Ronald A. Todd in completing his vision for the Martis Camp Ski Lodge. The curved roof form addresses the duality of entries into the facility from both the street and the ski runs. The structure creates both a cozy environment for the community as well as one that embraces the grandness of the mountainside setting.”  –  Clare Walton, AIA, – Architect
Martis Camp Beach Shack Lake Tahoe
Just a cup of coffee away from Martis Camp, the Beach Shack is over an acre of sand, grass and lakeshore seating on the shores of Lake Tahoe, giving members convenient access to one of the nation’s most treasured lake.
“More than just having a connection to the water, I wanted the interiors of the Beach Shack to be about having fun on the water. I wanted it to have a sense of nostalgia, celebrating rather than hiding the old lake house that it is. The interiors are unpretentious and welcoming, with a beachy vibe that says ‘Come in, we don’t care if you have sand between your toes.’” – Kim Anderson – Interior Designer
Martis Camp Lost Library
Redefine the notion of puttering around the house. Grab your putter, toss a couple balls in your pockets, rally the kids (or not) and take to the Dick Bailey designed 18-hole Putting Park located just south of The Park Pavilion. The course weaves between ponds, pines and creeks and an amazing display of cabin architecture. Oh, and did we mention: it’s an absolute blast.
“Nestled in the forest with a bubbling stream nearby, the Putting Park was designed for people of all ages to gather and enjoy a friendly contest of striking a little white ball into a hole with the fewest possible strokes. Designed primarily for fun and recreation, but even good golfers have remarked to me that their putting game improved because of the challenge this course offers. Of all the golf courses I have designed, this course has produced the most enthusiastic comments I have ever received.” – Dick Bailey – Putting Park Designer
Martis Camp Lost Library
With a porch swing, a low-slung, wrap-around porch, overstuffed chairs, a crackling fire and a kitchen with coffee, hot chocolate and M&M’s, it’s easy to lose yourself in a good book here. Located along the northern end of the 20-mile meandering Community Trail System, the Lost Library’s idyllic, forest location further enhances that sense of escape and the assortment of reading material — from classics to kids favorites, modern novels to historic epics, and coloring books to the Wall Street Journal — this rustically comfortable cabin is tonic to the hectic pace of the everyday world.
“From day one we wanted Martis Camp to be all about family and community; to that end, we sought to include special ‘gathering’ places for each neighborhood. The Lost Library was our first such endeavor – an inviting wayside along our trail system, where one could find a cup of coffee and a newspaper, or grab some M&M’s for the hike ahead, a quiet and cozy space to read or write, or gather with others for a game of cards or checkers. And with each new neighborhood there came a park pavilion or playground, a putting course, a fishing lake or treehouse, cascading water or a vista overlook along our network of trails – the network which knits it all together as Martis Camp!” – Ron A. Todd – Martis Camp Architect and Land Planner