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Squaw Valley Ski Patrol Women

The women of Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows Ski Patrol

The women of Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows Ski Patrol are bold and confident, physically fit, and committed not only to keeping us safe, but also to being there to pick up the pieces when we need help.
Whether under sunny blue skies or amidst whiteouts, these women subject themselves to extreme elements and relish how it makes them feel. During storm cycles the hours are very long, beginning before dawn and lasting until the mountain is cleared and all the last guests have gone home. This disciplined day-to-day grind is their passion and the patrollers love their work.

Their wintery world is a daily mix of physical and mental challenges; tasked with the safety of the mountain, they take their work seriously and have little bandwidth for anything beyond the function of their responsibilities. Yet, somehow, in unisex uniforms, with helmet hair, sweat and little if any makeup, our Ski Patrol Women radiate natural beauty. They shine from within and project timeless, effortless style.
The soul of our magical mountain living is grounded in daily natural immersion.Living here is addictive in the way it inspires us all to live deeply – to live in the now.
Images & story by Keoki Flagg