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Truckee California

Truckee Thursdays. A brilliant scene in a colorful town.

Think about a trip to Truckee and you can come up with a dozen reasons to make the five-minute trip from Martis Camp. Maybe it’s for that epic omelet or a last minute mad dash to find that ideal blend of olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Maybe you have this notion that there’s a dress calling out to you. Then again, it might be for no other reason than to sample the local dining scene. Truckee has always been a pocket of curiosity, a magnet to those who come to know its quirks and charms and hidden secrets.
Now, however, you’ve got one more reason for visiting Truckee: it’s Thursday.
Thursdays are when the main street shuts down, the tents and tables go up, the beer garden blooms and the music kicks in. It’s that one day in the week where an already-lively town finds even more reason to celebrate. Truckee Thursdays run June through August from 5-8:30 pm.
Highlights of Truckee Thursdays include a certified farmer’s market with fresh produce, live music, activities for kids, a beer garden for adults, food vendors, arts, crafts and a colorful presentation of merchandise, including — quite possibly — that dress that seems to have your name on it. Throw in free parking and the short jaunt to Truckee defies the adage, “Thursday’s child has far to go.”
Whether it’s an afternoon break in your summertime escape or a reason to head off to Camp a day earlier, Truckee Thursdays are yet another way to paint the town…as well as your scrapbook.
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Story by Scott Mortimore
Photos by Pat Sheehan