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Lake Tahoe

Discover Lake Tahoe’s top escapes and adventures.

A guide to everything from secret stashes to the area’s most popular hangouts. Over the ages, people visiting Lake Tahoe have exhausted nearly every hyperbole and platitude fitting for its majesty and beauty, including Mark Twain who famously dubbed it “the fairest picture the whole earth affords.”  He also went on about its medicinal value, claiming “Lake Tahoe would restore an Egyptian mummy to his pristine vigor,” a claim that has yet to be tested but which has its fair share of advocates. But for those hoping to get a little closer to the soul of the lake or finding places and adventures that are bucket list must-sees or adventures that the locals have a line on, the word that often arises is “overwhelming.”

That’s where the following gems, bits and blog links comes in handy. They provide an assortment of things to do and places to visit at Lake Tahoe, all of which are easy day trips from Martis Camp and all of which are a click away on your phone or computer.

However, before heading off to a cove of pristine blue lined by golden sands or before dashing off for a hidden stash of powder or embarking on a mission to visit the lake’s prime Instagram heroes, you may want a primer on some fascinating facts and tidbits about Lake Tahoe.

The lake was originally a valley formed about 25 million years ago when the Sierra Nevada was formed through tremendous uplifting. That valley collapsed between two parallel faults as the surrounding mountains rose and was filled in by waters that were later held back by a volcanic plug resulting from Mt. Pluto on the north shore. The lake, which at 10,000-11,000 years young, was actually several hundred feet taller than its present level.

Today, Lake Tahoe is the largest alpine lake in North America – 22 miles long and 12 miles wide. It’s also North America’s third deepest lake and tenth deepest in the world, plummeting 1,645 feet near Crystal Bay. There are 63 streams feeding Lake Tahoe with only one river – the Truckee – draining the lake. If you were tempted to drain the estimated 40 trillion gallons of water in the lake, it would cover California to a depth of 14 inches and would take 700 years to refill. Needless to say, please leave your shovel at home.

So, there are a few facts to stash in your noodle and wield next time someone inquires about the origins of this favored lake of ours. As for those hot spots that have arisen since Mt. Pluto went on a temper tantrum, here are a few other ideas for you to hang on to.

Tahoe Via Ferrata Paul Hamill

Dig into your ultimate Lake Tahoe adventure to-do list.

Ever had one of those dreams where you’re floating through space? Well, bring that dream up a few notches and imagine floating above the surface of Lake Tahoe, a sheet of azure zipping by beneath you. This is life as seen from an eFoil, the latest contraption in water adventure that opens you to Tahoe in ways you never imagined. Same goes for wakesurfing the waters of Lake Tahoe while kicking up curls and slipping into pipes behind a boat.

These adventures, along with fly fishing, rafting, mountain biking, and rock climbing can all be previewed by diving into a recent blog at

lifestyle-ski gallery

Before you hit the slopes, hit up this blog on Tahoe’s best skiing.

While it’s nice having a back yard that doubles as one heckuva fine ski mountain, there are many options for a day on the slopes that exist beyond Northstar California. Some of those choices put you on runs where Olympians once blazed down the mountain or where the stars of old Hollywood schussed their way through forest and slope. The options are amazing and only add to the joy that comes from living at Martis Camp.

For high-speed access to the wintertime wonders beyond Martis Camp, make tracks to

Summer: prime time for exploring Lake Tahoe.

While Lake Tahoe impresses in her gown of white for half the year, it’s when she slips into her summer clothes where her beauty becomes more accessible. And more comfortable! That means beaches, bike trails, rivers to run and street fairs to attend. Sunshine is almost always on the menu and temperatures are generally the stuff of dreams – warm by day, comfortably cool at night.

In the link below, you’ll find the inside scoop on 18 – yep, 18! – adventures and escapes that will make your day! Before you head out there, head over here:

Getting to know the lake on a deeper level.

The flip side of Lake Tahoe – the underworld if you will – is a sight as wondrous as what’s revealed above lake level. Grab a mask or snorkel, venture out on any form of watercraft you prefer, and slip into a cove to see the lake as few do. One person who’s logged a lot of time in the lake is Dylan Silver, author and photographer who recently published the ultimate book on Tahoe’s underwater landscapes.

Grab a cup of goodness and click on the following link for a peek at how Silver sees Lake Tahoe:

Surfing Lake Tahoe Paul Hamill

Catching waves at 6,224 feet.

When wicked things blow Tahoe’s way, troops of neoprene-clad, seal-like humans get all giddy and excited and make a dash for the beach, surfboards in hand. More and more surfers are adding this novelty to their bucket list and slipping into the moody, wind-whipped waters of Tahoe for a day of surfing and a lifetime story.  Check it out at

Three of Lake Tahoe’s best day hikes.

One adventure ends up with a chickadee in hand, another gives you a drone’s perspective of the lake, and yet another takes you down a path to one of Tahoe’s most scenic beaches. These are just a few – three to be exact – of the many hikes to be had in this amazing smorgasbord of water, mountain and forest.  There’s a winter hike that requires snowshoes, another that arrives at an alpine lake ringed by aspens, and another where you’ll find, of all things, a hearth and chimney just steps from the water.

First step for any of these hikes is to go to the blog posts below:

Chickadee Ridge Snowshoe

Chickadee Ridge Lake Tahoe Paul Hamill

Lake Tahoe Marlette Lake Paul Hamill

Marlette Lake Hike

Chimney Beach Paul Hamill Photography

Chimney Beach Hike

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