Outdoor Sports


Great things happen under the canopy of skies both sunny and snowy at Martis Camp. There’s the unmatched experience of our Tom Fazio Golf Course as well as a scenic and playful 18-hole putting course. The 20+ mile Community Trail System, ideal for summertime hikes, bikes and evening strolls hike, is also ideal for snowshoe and cross-country skis when the seasons turn to snow. The Park Pavilion & Sports Fields are equipped for croquet, bocce ball, a sand volleyball court, full-size outdoor basketball court, and provide the ideal place to play lacrosse, soccer, softball or touch football. Then again, grab your racquet and head for the Tennis Pavilion’s four courts (two clay and two hard surface).

Recently, we came up with not so bird-brained idea: to help our Campers experience the sensation of flying without having to grow wings or go through customs. What happened with that idea is now reality in the form of Martis Camp’s Aerial Adventure Park. With four different courses you can gradually spread your wings from beginner to advanced, eventually kissing your fear of heights goodbye as you zip 20-feet above the forest floor. There’s even a “terra firma” course for kids 4 and under. Feel the need to fly? Great, here’s your answer. Review the Martis Camp Aerial Adventure Park page for full details.



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"From the design of the community Gatehouse to the Family Barn, Martis Camp is a big family place offering a National Park-like experience. I looked all over the country, coast-to-coast, for the ultimate family community. Martis Camp is exactly what I was looking for. We were looking for a vacation home where everyone in our family could bike, ski and hike."

– Dean, San Francisco

"I thought, ‘No one’s going to be doing this, are we crazy?’ But still it seemed to be the right time to us. We wanted to set up that kind of vacation property where we could enjoy family time. Prices for contractors are lower than a few years ago. It makes things much more doable."

– Scott and Lori, Bay Area

"We have felt for quite some time that Martis Camp was the perfect fit for our family’s Tahoe home. While we were waiting and waiting for the right time to buy, it dawned on us that what we were missing meaningful time with our family. Virtually everything we need for our family to have a great life in Tahoe is in place today at Martis Camp. There was never going to be a better time than now."

– Mike and Joanne, San Jose

"Wow. My wife Jen and I spent our first day as members visiting the Lodge with a couple of friends and what a great experience! Of course the facilities are amazing but the graciousness, service, enthusiasm, sense of humor and pride shown to us by the staff was what left us most impressed and looking forward to coming back. Thanks to Paolo, Steve, Jesse, Matt and everyone else at the Lodge for making our first day very memorable!"

– Peter and Jen, Bay Area