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Martis Camp Double rainbow at the Camp Lodge

Picture This at Martis Camp

Perhaps you’ve seen members of our Creative team out and about photographing Martis Camp. We like to have our eyes on everything happening so we can capture special moments and share them with our members and followers. Special moments come in many forms — the first snow of the winter, opening day on the golf course, or even a unique occurrence like a double rainbow at the Camp Lodge, which happened last month and was photographed by Dining Room Manager/Wine Director Joshua Plack.
Summer weekends often feature a wide variety of events, taking place across our entire community of 2,200 acres. Photographing everything that’s happening can be quite a challenge – but it can also be a lot of fun.
One of our roaming photographers recently shared her experience behind the lens. Here’s what she had to say about shooting The Camp last Saturday, during Memorial Day weekend.
“I started at the Beach Shack, where the first arrivals were outside enjoying the lake, excited about welcoming the summer season. I left there and headed to a Folk School class (Teen Folks: Mexican Food Delights) where the aroma wafting down the stairs from the Art Loft to the Soda Fountain was making everyone salivate. From there, I went to the Starter Pavilion, where golfers were enjoying socializing together over lunch before starting the Member-Member Madness with a traditional, simultaneous tee-off from the Practice Field. Then it was off to Lookout Lodge and the Aerial Adventure Park, where I spotted adventurers of all ages cheering each other on to complete the challenges. A left turn from Lookout Lodge took me to the new Creekside Pavilion, where I was joined by some Campers who were returning from a short hike, looking to cool their feet and hunt for tadpoles in the creek. Then back to the Family Barn, where I found the Teen Snapchat Social attendees in the midst of a very competitive round of beanbag toss, enhanced by Häagen-Dazs ice cream bars. I poked my head in to check out the action at the pool and found sun worshippers enjoying games in the water and colorful snow cones on the deck.
My final stop was the Mariachi Mayhem dinner at the lakeside pavilion, decorated with bright colors, sombreros and gigantic paper flowers. I was outside enjoying the view as diners were gathering for the dinner while being serenaded with Mariachi music. Just beside that, golfers were gathering to check their scores from the afternoon’s tournament. Across the lake, I could see three groups of anglers. Along the far shore of the lake, I could see a group of walkers going one way and a group of bikers coming from the other direction. And to my immediate left, young girls were teaching each other tumbling tricks on the grassy lawn of the Family Barn amphitheater. I could see all that, just turning 360 degrees in place, not leaving my spot.
On this Memorial Day weekend, families were out enjoying all aspects of Martis Camp. Throughout the day, what amazed me most was the versatility of the community. By the end of the day, I had truly felt the Martis Camp magic! All I can say is … Wow! What a place!”
We hope you feel the same way, too! Join us this weekend for Glaze Dayz, Movie Nights, Truckee Day and our Sunday Nature Walk. Visit the Camp Calendar for more information.
If you capture a special moment while you’re at The Camp, we hope you’ll let us know. Send us your photo, or tag us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Snapchat.